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a Streetcar Named Desire Essay

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  • on March 19, 2012
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A Streetcar named Desire
This is a very dramatic and interesting play. The story is centered around the two main characters, and main conflict, Blanche and Stanley. The two characters strongly contrast each other and Tennessee Williams uses striking symbolism to illustrate how different they really are.
Blanche Dubois is visiting her sister, Stella at her and her husband’s home in the French Quarter, in New Orleans. Right away she gives off a snobbish vibe. She is dressed all in white and seems nervous and flighty. She is compared to a moth in the play’s notes. Throughout the play, this is even more obvious because of her relationship with direct light. I think Blanche is a very tortured soul, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for her. She is a very fake person. She behaves the way she thinks an ideal woman should behave and is not even close to being true to her true self. I’m not even sure that she knows who she really is at the point in her life that we meet her. She is all about appearance and illusion. I think that it is ironic that William’s compares her to a moth. Not in the way that she “appears” to delicate and her nervous mannerisms, but in the way that moth’s are naturally attracted to light. When they get to close to the light, they die because the heat burns them up.   I think this is brilliant foreshadowing.  
Stanley is Stella’s husband and he is perceived by Blanche as barbaric. Blanche and Stanley are so different because of the way they look at and go about life. Stanley doesn’t believe in subtleties and deception. He thinks everything should be out in the open, no matter how ugly it is. He can be cruel and very crass. William’s has him dressed in loud, gaudy and not so delicate clothes, and at times they are downright dirty. He is a typical working man. He is loud and boisterous with his voice and when he gets angry he is very physical. He refers to everything as “his” not ours. He is an alpha-male.
Blanche and Stanley both feel very...

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