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A Rose for Emily Essay

  • Submitted by: amyjaramillo
  • on March 25, 2014
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "A Rose for Emily" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Jaramillo, Amy

English 128


                                                  “A Rose for Emily”

    In this short story “A Rose for Emily” describes the main character Emily, and the changes in

society around her. Emily had been a tradition, a duty, and a care. Her father was a very strict

man not allowing Emily any freedom away from him. After her father passed away she

inherited the agreement that her father and the town made, about not having to pay taxes.

Emily met a Yankee (Homer Barron) they got aquatinted very well and were seen together in

town, people in town began to think maybe Emily found happiness. She soon found out by

Homer that he liked men and couldn’t be married, but will accompany Emily.

    The author titles “A Rose for Emily” maybe because Emily had a rough life with her father

keeping her away from society and always by his side so he can have control. After his death

Emily could not except the fact her father was dead, she kept his corps in the house for three

days. That’s when the town realized Emily had mental problems and felt pity for her, after she

berried her father Emily kept herself hostage in her home. When Emily finally came out years

later, the town describes her hair cut short making her look like a girl with a vague

resemblance to those angles in colored church windows.

    Emily soon met a man Homer Barron a Yankee, big dark ready man, with a big voice and eyes

lighter than his face. He was a man that cursed a lot at the niggers and soon he knew everyone

in town, with his voice so loud Homer was center of attention making people laugh. Even

though he was a Yankee Emily found him attractive, soon they both were being seen together

in town riding in a taxi. Days later Emily was seen buying a man’s toilet set in silver, the town

was sure they be married. Emily was liking the attention from homer and the town but when he

told Emily...

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