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A Paper for Theater Class

  • Submitted by: Nyeshacharles
  • on March 24, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Nyesha Charles
2nd period beginning theater
Ms. Herring
January 14th 2014

Skills learned and practice in theater arts can contribute to my future career as a therapist in many ways. Just thinking about the theater skills that can be applied has truly shocked me. The simplest thing such as knowing a client’s obstacle can guide me in finding a solution that truly works in reducing stress levels and other factors that may lead to depression and or suicide.
Also things such as facial expressions and gestures can either make or break the mood in a client session. Learning when and when not to look to nervous or relaxed can help in breaking down client barriers. Clients want to be assured that they are being cared for by professionals that will take their overall well-being into consideration, and effectively using those skills can help clients open up about their internal and external struggles no matter how traumatic they may be.
Lastly skills like projection, diction and inflection are obviously things any therapist needs to master before going into practice. Speaking clearly and loud enough so that a client can hear you is roughly twenty five to thirty five percent of a session, and seeing that your voice is such a powerful tool in this profession you have to make sure your pitch is adequate for the situation at hand. So leaning how to control your pitch to match any clients profile is definitely a priority.
In conclusion you can clearly see that the theater skills I have learned and practiced throughout this year will continue to follow me throughout my college studies and beyond.

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