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A New Generation Essay

  • Submitted by: ot2012
  • on March 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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A New Generation

Many times I take for granted what wonderful parents my mom and dad are.   They are extremely dedicated, hard-working, cautious, supportive and loving. To most people, my parents are announced to be “too strict”, which, sometimes, I find myself agreeing to.
I stared angrily at my second grade math textbook and hot tears spilled down my face. It was near ten o’clock and I had been working all day. Now at home, I was becoming frustrated, growing sick, and tiring quickly of schoolwork and homework, especially math. How could my parents not understand that I had only wanted to play? Instead, I had been ordered to work on dreaded math word problems, my unfortunate weakness. I snapped my head up as I heard footsteps. My mother, it seemed was coming this time. Earlier, my parents had been yelling at me on trying to work my hardest. Frustrated, they shook their heads in confusion, not understanding how I could struggle with such simplicity. However, to me math problems seemed to be and impossible endeavors to accomplish. I glared as my mother approached, preparing myself for another duel of words and obstinate tempers to flare. I felt that I could no longer tolerate coming home from school only to work all night on a seemingly endless list of homework. I thought I would never understand why my parents pushed me so hard! Now I see why.
I pleaded with my father at the dining table. “It’s PG-13! I’m not going to see some R-rated movie with my friends. Nobody is going to want to see a PG or G rated movie,” I explained with what I thought would surely persuade my father to let me see a movie that I wanted to see. “Absolutely not, I don’t care what your friends do, that’s up to their parents,” my father curtly replied. In short, I felt once again, that I was denied of my freedom and couldn’t understand my parent’s rules.
When I was in middle school, sleepovers were something of the popular type of party. As a result, I was constantly being invited to my...

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