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A Knife in One's Own Mind Essay

  • Submitted by: twistedsoul
  • on March 25, 2014
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The Knife in One’s Own Mind

One cloudy night at the psychiatric ward, in Chapmansboro, Tennessee, a mute, schizophrenic Paul Lewis, 37 years old, was planning his daring escape.   To escape, Paul needed a metal spoon but all that was offered was plastic sporks.   He made do with what he had.   Night by night, he dug a tunnel out from his room.   Finally! He made his way to the surface on the outside!   He hadn’t had sex in many years since he’s been locked in the ward. He wandered around until he found a cemetery.   He walked passed a tomb which had a shovel lying neatly against it.   He took the shovel and started to dig up the freshest looking grave he could find.
When he came across a grave from a service earlier that day, he was ecstatic.   He had found a fresh corpse to mutilate.   It did not matter what the gender was. Both had orifices that could suffice for his needs.   So he dug.   As the night turned to deeper night, he made it down to the coffin.   He struggled to pry the coffin open only to find that the coffin was empty.   “Oh!   What to do now?” He thought.   The obvious answer was to either find another fresh grave or find a person willing to have sex with him.   He went with the latter of the two.   Walking down the street, he came across a “promiscuous hussy”, Kandy, who looked about 25.   She was tall, tan, long beautiful legs. As he chatted with this woman, he realized that he could kill her and she would hardly be missed.   He lured her into the night.
They walked along the street as two would if they were old friends who hadn’t talked to each other in several years, that awkward distant kind of friendship.   Close enough to hear each other, but not close enough for a whisper.   From nowhere, a fierce scream emerged from the darkness.   They ran quickly toward the noise but they were too late.   The young woman had already been slaughtered.   This confused Paul.   How was he hearing Kandy’s scream from a distance if she was right next to him?  
Paul glanced...

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