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A Hero Essay

  • Submitted by: amolestina
  • on March 19, 2012
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A hero – In my own words

These days’ people like to be in the spotlight, trying to catch other people’s attention purposely by trying to perform heroic acts. Although all they do is just a show, a real hero is a person admired for his braveness and courage. Heroes could just be people who inspire us to do good, like role models. Many things qualify someone as a hero, such as selflessness, when one person thinks more of others than they do of themselves by putting another person first, considering their emotions and feelings. Another thing that qualifies a hero is their ability to sacrifice, giving up things that are important to achieve something better. Many times we see this in the world, an example would be someone who jumps in front of a car to save someone who was in danger, risking and sacrificing their life for the life of someone else. Saving and rescuing people is the most common trait a hero has, and we see a lot of that in movies and the way we perceive someone as a hero. Lastly, stepping in would be another quality for a hero. Not being afraid to step in and help when they see need, in spite of what people might think. All these can be things that can qualify for someone to be a hero.
A hero could be broken down into many examples, the different types of heroes there could be and the many we probably don’t even consider as heroes. The most common definition of a hero, the one you hear from everyone is that basically a hero is there to save the day, but is that really the only kind of hero there is? Or are we just basing or idea of a hero according to all the movies we watch. Here are a few examples of some types of heroes we could face day to day and not just on movies and TV.
The Superhero
The Superhero is one of the most common and heard of type of heroes there is, the strong one who comes in to save someone at the perfect time and makes everyone happy. These are only the types you see on TV and could rarely see outside your window one day....

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