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A Good Night's Fuck Essay

  • Submitted by: jonerdejlig
  • on September 4, 2013
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A Good Night’s Sleep

George Lockhart is a Scottish man living alone in an apartment in Edinburgh. In his everyday life he works as a teacher in Communication and General Studies. He has got a son, Ben, with his ex-wife Elaine, who he tries not to think about. But even though Lockhart is an insomniac and suffers from a lot of pain almost every night, he still seems like a very thoughtful and humble guy. He has got a lot of thoughts about what he can do, to make other people happy. But it is not always that these thoughts are wanted, because he cannot fall asleep with them. Ehen he opens the door and finds the girl he says “I am sorry, but I heard… I wondered what the…” This is another example of him being very humble. Even though he has never met this woman before, and despite the fact that she is sitting on his doormat, interrupting his sleep, he is still the one who is apologizing.  
The young, homeless girl outside George Lockhart’s door seems to be very offensive in the beginning. For example, her first saying in the story is described like this: “The young girl sitting on his doormat looks up sharply as she spat out this affronted “Yes?” as if he’d just barged into her bedroom.”   In her way of telling him that she is out there trying to sleep she seems very arrogant, even though she is the one who are the lower class person. The girl’s function in the text is very important, because she is the start button for some thoughts in George Lockhart’s head that are very essential for the meaning of the text. An example could be that he is now sure that he will get his first year students to learn about Homelessness next morning.
The setting is very well described and plays a big role in the short story. Everywhere around him, our main person George hears noises and gets impressions that disturb his capability of falling asleep. When you read the story you almost feel like you are in the same exact tenement in Edinburgh, as George, the homeless girl, the new...

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