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A Day at the Beach Essay

  • Submitted by: carlir99
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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A Day at the Beach
Everyone has that one place where they let all their troubles disappear and they feel at ease.   That location, for me, is the beach.   The beach is filled with happiness and peacefulness. I absolutely love going to the beach and I can hardly wait until the next time I get to go.
There are many activities I like to do while I am at the beach, but my favorite thing to do is sunbathe.   Lying on the beach with the hot summer sun beating down on my sun is the best feeling in the world.   One of my favorite smells is the smell of sunscreen that I lather in the palms of my hand right before rubbing it on my skin to prevent my skin from turning a cherry red color.   If I get too much sun and get a sunburn, it will hurt too much to come back and sunbathe again soon.  
After sunbathing for quite some time, it is time to do another one of my favorite activities.   It is now time to go swimming in the cool, salty ocean.   If my best friend Michaela happens to be with me, we love racing each other out into the endless ocean.   There are some occasions that I am at the beach by myself, and in that case I like to swim out in the water a little ways and then just float on my back and look up at the white, fluffy clouds.
The day at the beach is almost over, but I still have time to do one more activity that relaxes me.   It is time to go for an evening bike ride.   Cruising down the boardwalk on a bicycle is an amazing feeling.   Feeling the warm California breeze blowing through my hair always puts a smile on my face.   Being able to watch all the happy families and couples on the beach also gives me a sense of happiness and relaxation.
It was an amazing day at the beach and I am feeling relaxed.   I can always count on trips to the beach to leave me with a sense of relief.   The activities that the beach has to offer and my experiences there are the reasons why the place where I feel calm and at ease is the beach.

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