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A Calamity in Human Essay

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  • on March 24, 2014
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In the Middle Ages, a great disaster swept across Europe and caused widespread and crippling mortality in many societies. It was well-known as the Black Death, a plague which could be a symbol of the phenomenon, changing the course of world history and transforming the world into a new pattern. The Black Death was transmitted by fleas that in turn live on rats, and it made their way on the ships of Italian merchants, which first brought the plague to Europe.   The plague raged through the Mediterranean world in 1348-9, at the same time spreading northwards.   “It was invariably fatal that the disease attacked the respiratory system, and it also became more contagious that the plague could be passed by coughing, and resistant to climatic change.”   Therefore, this plague became a strong attack on the humankind and was recorded as one of the history’s greatest disasters in the world. There was an argument that the Black Death left the most far-reaching influence on the future Europe in the Middle Ages for: 1. It caused the high mortality and reduced the number of social labor, which led to the transformation of the economy; 2. People started to shake their beliefs in religions and the government, which caused the appearance of humanism; 3. It impacted the social structure and helped Europe get into a new era.
The Black Death was caused by Yersinia pestis, which was a facultative anaerobe that travelled with ground rodents.   From 1347 to 1351, the Black Death attacked almost all the continents in the world.   The historian because of its countless death rolls considered this plague as “Massive Death”. “Only in the four-year period from 1347 to1350, the Black Death killed upward of seventy-five million people in Europe, fully one-third to one half of the European population (about 2000 to 2700 million), and the average life of people was shortened from thirty to twenty years old.”   The high mortality led to a serious problem of labor shortage, which had a great amount of...

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