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5 Leadership Lessons Essay

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5 Lessons of Leadership

5 Lessons of Leadership
          Orm Jenkins Jr
      Grantham University

5 Lessons of Leadership

In the article it gave some quality tips on being an effective leader while operating a small
business. All of the tips and guidance are what will make a small business entrepreneur successful in
running his/her company. Although it has been stated and well know that no two businesses are the
same, however   some core tenants or leadership values should be adhered to which will give your
employees purpose, direction and motivation to make the team a winner. The article explains
communication vision and goals, the importance of listening, building relationships, setting a positive
and effective tone and sharing ownership of the companies decisions.

The author of the article asked several successful business owners for their best leadership
guidance, and the fundamentals I will be speaking on were listed over and over. As a leader it is not
enough to   just inform your employees of the companies vision, but he/she has to give the guidance of
how to reach that vision and the goals that will allow them to   there. As a leader we have goals that we
have set for ourselves to be successful, and to share the overall companies goals give your employees
something to work toward, hence giving them a since of ownership in the company’s plans.   In today’s
tough economic climate it has been proven that taking an open minded approach to your leadership
style   let’s your employees know that they are a valued asset to the team. By allowing and encouraging
creativity and growth through new ideas also gives   the employees a added feel of responsibility in the
company’s   success.   “In our business, we’ve learned a little transparency can go a long way toward
increasing employees’ confidence, commitment and energy.”   said   Ethan Willis, CEO of Prosper Inc. and
co-author of “The One Minute Entrepreneur.”


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