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4th Hour Videos Capstone Essay

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• 3 stories from Steve Jobs
o Connecting the dots
 Typography
• The Mac had multiple type faces because of dropping in on calligraphy class
• Hard to connect dots looking forward, only can look back
o Love and Loss
 Got fired from Apple
• Tried to apologize for failures but still loved what he did
 Was rejected but was still in love
 Ended up being great
• Freed Steve to enter new venture
o Created NEXT, PIXAR and fell in love with wife
 The medicine tasted bad but the patient needed it
 Don’t lose faith
 Have to find what you love since work fills a lot of your life
o Death
 All external expectations, pride, and fear fall away in face of death
• Don’t think like you have something to lose
 Pancreatic cancer
• Prepare to die
o Get everything buttoned up and say your goodbyes
• No one wants to die, but death is the final destination
o Life’s change agent to clear out the old and make way for the new
o Time is limited so don’t be trapped by dogma, other’s opinions, and fear
 “stay hungry, stay foolish”
• NOVA: Mind over money
o Mind behaves irrationally with money
 University of Chicago- economics
 People think people act rationally about money
• Adam Smith- Wealth of Nations
o People working in self interests could coordinate and produce good outcomes
o People are calculating ways to increase their wealth by assigning values and avoiding paying more than necessary
o Behavior->Markets->Facts
o Economics is explained by mathematical formulas by professionals
 Assumes people are consistent and calculate everything out
 People behave AS IF they have made the calculations
• People are not experts at making the calculations
o Crash of 2008- DOW drops
 14 trillion dollars lost- global economy comes to a halt
 Economists DIDN’T see it coming
 Wanting to win drives, but wanting not to lose will drive even further
 People are anchored on completely unrelated numbers (SSN and wine)
 Competitive...

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