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1984 Essay

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  • on March 25, 2014
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1984 By: George Orwell

In the year 2084 I think it will have more advanced things from present day and from the book 1984 By: George Orwell. Things like the telescreen which is explained in 1984 as a screen that keeps and eye on you and watches everything you do on a daily basis. Which gives you no private privacy and whenever you're out you are always being watched by "big brother". You have no privacy at all and in present day living we lose privacy also with how text messages can be views email and with the example of Verizon Fios how they have a system that watches you all day just like the tele- screen. If we have that power now in present day   and its being used lightly in the book 1984 in 2028 we will have so much more advancements. Another example could be the newspeak the people are being dumb down to use shorter words and abbreviations its just like today with how we converse with people and text.

In the year 2084 I think the world will be more advanced of course. I think the advancements will lead to less privacy for a lot more people out there. For example in the novel 1984 there is the tele screen which was a screen that everyone in there house had that would watch over you for anything suspicious. I feel that in 2013 we have the Verizon Fios now which watches you also even when its off. you can never be private in your room it ruins privacy. Also with your phones or email the media nothing hidden ever someone can most likely find out about you by looking you up maybe. in 2084 i believe that it could get worse and easier for the average person to find stuff out about you. It will get more advanced like I explained before. The fact that everyones watching also and none can be trusted also relates to how none even friends and trust each other cause anything can be used against yourself. The same way like In the story in 1984 how Winstons neighbors children says and questions winston in there house acting like the thought police. in 2084 they...

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