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1776 Essay

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  • on September 1, 2013
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Andrew Norris Michael Cleek A.P. U.S. History August 8, 2013 1776 1776 is the national best-selling historical narrative written by award-winning author, David McCullough. The book tells a story of those who were with General George Washington in the year of the Declaration of Independence. Americans of various backgrounds and ages turned into soldiers to fight against the well-equipped and experienced British redcoats under William Howe's command. On the American side were inexperienced generals such as Henry Knox, a bookseller and general at twenty-five, and Nathanael Green, a Quaker and a general at thirty-three. These men knew nothing about war; only what they read in books. Above all else, George Washington, the commander-in-chief, had never led an army to battle before. McCullough is considered America’s premier narrative historian, and in addition to being a highly engaging writer, he is a scholar and storyteller, and a meticulous researcher as well. It is quite apparent through his work that McCullough is a man of intelligence and creativity – his historical books are full of factual information, yet he never pours the facts into the readers’ minds. McCullough’s intriguing text and dramatic scenes naturally attract the audience, providing a more enjoyable method of obtaining information. David McCullough wrote 1776 to inform the general public about the most important time in American history; a time when America’s independence took place. His thesis

of 1776 was to inform the average American about the birth of America and the events leading to the independence. On October 26, 1775, King George III declared to Parliament about America's rebellion and his solution to crush it. From there, the book moves to America and the siege of Boston with the loss of the battle at Bunker Hill even though the British had over a thousand casualties. Then in New York the British troops, in their vast numbers, confront the newly assembled Continental Army for the first...

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