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12 Years a Slave Essay

  • Submitted by: bfarbush
  • on March 24, 2014
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12 Years a Slave

I felt like the movie "12 Years a Slave" was a great movie, but I feel that the movie was more of a great example of having faith. Throughout the movie the main character Solomon Northup was forced to rely on his faith as he went through some of the most dreadful things a slave has to face. In the beginning of the movie Solomon Northup was a free black man in 1841 in New York with a family and he was a carpenter and a musical artist that played the fiddle. This is the reason that Solomon Northup was later kidnapped. Two white men pursuaded Solomon to travel on a musical tour to play the fiddle and in result kidnapped him and sold him into slavery in the south. Solomon and the two white men were out for dinner and some how drugged Soloman to the point where he later passed out. When Solomon woke up he was chained in a cell and didn't know what was going on. Throughout all of this Solomon never forgot who he was and what he stood for and he kept his faith. When he was transported to New Orleans he was beaten he was forced to conceal his identity as a free man and accept that he is a runaway from Georgia named Platt. He was soon sold to plantation owner William Ford in which he easily got along with because of carpenting skills and great musical talent. William Ford even gave Solomon Northup a violin as a gift, but the head carpenter on the plantation John Tibeats shows great resent towards Solomon because of his intellegence and makes it his job to harass Solomon at any chance he could. John Tibeats harassment really challenged Solomon's faith, there was even one instance when Paul Tibeats began to beat Solomon but Solomon not only resisted but he retaliated and began to beat John. Because of this Solomon was hanged on a tree and the only thing keeping him alive were the tips of his toes, but Solomon's faith remained strong and he tried his best to do what his master told him to do.

Even though Solomon got along great with his master William...

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