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10 Things i'Ll Do For Country If i'm a Celebrity Essay

  • Submitted by: ysmn
  • on March 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "10 Things i'Ll Do For Country If i'm a Celebrity" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

10 things that I will do for Malaysia if I become a celebrity

        There are many things that I will do for Malaysia if I become a celebrity. But here, I will only mentioned 10 of them. Each man has a dream including me. My dream is to become like my idol, the late Sudirman Haji Arsyad. He was the country singer because he was crowned as Number One Entertainer Asia from Malaysia, he also has fans all over the world in 1954 until 1992. My dream is to emulate his success in raising the country’s name stems from the childhood, it raised my spirit to be a successful person like him. If I were given the opportunity to become a famous celebrity, there are many things that can be done to develop this country.
        One can make a difference in this world in many ways, if I am the celebrity who have always loved to act and dance, I would love to share my experience in acting and dancing that is fun. Perhaps this will invite more people who want to learn how to act, dance and develop their skill. One day I hope I can open a class that would highlight the colorful array of Malaysia dance eastern culture. I would certainly like to see myself established internationally as a dance figure from Asia.
        In addition, the next thing I will do is to establish the foundation for orphans who doesn’t have neither guardian nor parents. Hence, the problems of children living homeless on the streets can be reduced and can lead to a more modern developing country. Then, I will participate in funding programs to help the less fortunate people in this country.

      Besides that, I would like to display the advantages of having a healthy lifestyle through advertisements that appear on the screen because today’s society loves to pamper themselves. Because of a comfortable lifestyle, people tend to forget that they adopt an unhealthy lifestyles. They always sit too long in the room and air-conditioned vehicle. They are seldom exposed to the sun and rarely sweat because...

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